Bio-Regulation: A Scientifically Backed Treatment

Picture this: thirty-eight trillion cells in your body need to "talk" to each other to carry out their daily tasks. It can become chaotic, which is why bio-regulation helps you harmonize that communication, making your cells work better together.

Bioregulación imagen Hero
Bioregulación imagen Hero

Connect with your body and understand it like never before

To maintain balance and good health, all organs, tissues, and subsystems of the body require excellent communication. This therapy will help remove blockages and restore the pathways to achieve it.

It's non-invasive; all you need are six ultra-sensitive sensors, state-of-the-art technology, and an expert therapist to make it work. And at Neotherapy, we have all three.

Is bio-regulation right for me and my loved ones?

Bio-regulation is a safe and simple practice that anyone can embrace, even children.

For decades, some psychologists and doctors have integrated bio-regulation into their treatments, yielding excellent results without the side effects of certain medications.

Any family member can benefit from bio-regulation to address conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Tension
  • Tension headaches or migraines
  • Sleep issues or insomnia
  • Digestive symptoms like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Eating disorders
  • ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
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